BPS Science and Engineering Fair 2020

Last Saturday (2/29), the Center for STEM Education, in partnership with Boston Public School’s Science Department hosted the 74th Annual Citywide Science and Engineering Fair! Over 200 students with 127 total projects from 20 schools (Middle School: BLA, BLS, Eliot, Jackson Mann, JDOB, Kilmer, Mary Lyon, McCormack, New Mission, Timilty, Umana, Warren Prescott | High School: BLA, BLS, Burke, East Boston, EMK, Excel, JDOB, Mary Lyon) took part in this fair! Congratulations to all students who made it this far and attended the fair! The 2020 Award Winners’ list can be found here.

In addition, almost 100 judges from all over the Boston area volunteered their time to judge projects. Thank you so much for your time and effort! Also a shoutout to Northeastern University, Raytheon, MIT, Harvard University, and Sanofi/Genzyme for sending lots of judges!

The activity expo, running concurrently with the fair, was also a success, with 17 different organizations presenting tabletop activities: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Center for STEM Education, Civil Air Patrol (Boston Cadet Squadron), Facetopo, Harvard Science in the News, Harvard Microrobotics Lab, KitingUSA, LEAH Project, MIT Graduate Materials Council, MIT Media Lab, NU AIChE, NI Chi Epsilon, NU IEEE, NUSound, NU Wireless Club, Toysinbox 3D printing.

Activity Expo:

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