June 1
Application Requirements:

1. Applications must be submitted in full by April 20, 2019.
2.The online Application Form must be completed by the deadline listed above. All other application materials must be sent to David Kaeli by the deadline listed above.
3.Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.

Applicants must submit the following:

A completed application form:
A copy of your resume
A copy of your most recent transcript (can be unofficial, but must be university generated)
One (1) letter of recommendation (from someone who is familiar with your abilities, interests and motivation towards research).
A one-page write-up indicating which D3 Project(s) you would be interested in working on and a description of how this project fits your background and interests. You may indicate your interest in more than one project and you may also describe other types of research that you would be interested in working on. Project descriptions are located here.

Submission Instructions:

– Complete the online Application Form via the link provided above.
– Send Resumes, Transcripts, Statements of Interest to David Kaeli via email provided below.

Note: Please use the subject line: “2019 REU-D3 Application Materials.” All documents should either be in a pdf. or .doc format, and should be sent as attachments. Please do not send google doc or other links to download.

– Letters of recommendation can be sent to David Kaeli via email provided below.

Application Process:
STEP 1: As an applicant, you will be asked to complete the following application in consideration of your candidacy for the REU program.
Emailing Claire an unofficial transcript
statement of interestSTEP 2: Upon completion of this application, you will be directed back to the REU Site web page.
STEP 3: At the REU Site web page, you will be able to submit any additional materials that are requested as part of the institutional application.
STEP 4: Notification of acceptance information is included on the REU Site web page.Abstract
Unofficial Transcript
Letter of RecommendationEligibility:
Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States; be and remain an undergraduate student in good standing; plan to complete an undergraduate degree program.

We intend to run 2021 REU-POWER, more info in January.

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