YSP visit Everbridge and more – Week 4

Co-op panel in Homeroom allowed YSP students to learn more about experiential learning outside of the classroom.

The fourth week of the Young Scholars Program was one of the busiest yet. The students engaged in a full range of activities this week. At Monday homeroom, four Northeastern students hosted an information panel about the Cooperative Education “CO-OP” Program at Northeastern. They spoke about working in industry as well as academic research while still an undergraduate. The Young Scholars were able to see students not much older than them, who work full time as engineers or scientists while working towards their undergraduate degree.




YSPs Lauren and Samson present their backpack design.

Tuesday, the YSPs, REUs and NUSSP students all gathered to have a lunch together on the quad. Swapping stories and experience from both high school and college.


Gabriela and Jenny brainstorming their design.

The Young Scholars also learned the basics of industrial design and sketching. They were then tasked with designing and drawing a novel backpack and then presented it to the class. Wednesday students learned about biological and biomechanics research happening on campus with C. elegans worms and Axolotl salamanders.




Zach works on coding the Baxter robot to grasp tightly packed objects in lab in the new ISEC building on campus.



Between all these activities students continued their research in the labs, developing experiments, new test set-ups and problem-solving.






Thursday finished the week off with an exciting visit to Everbridge headquarters. The students were able to work hands on with the Everbridge critical event management software to create their own emergency alerts and mass communication messages. They also were able to see the command center where emergency threats are live updated from around the world and Everbridge staff are supporting the response efforts.

CTO Imad Mouline at Everbridge shows students the command center at headquarters in Burlington, MA.

Students draft mass emergency text messages to each other using Everbridge software.


YSP and REU students at Everbridge.


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