2020 Young Scholars Program – Week 4

Team Building Exercise – Pixel Recreation Challenge

With the conclusion of the program quickly approaching, the Young Scholars have begun wrapping up their research projects. With the guidance of Mark Casto, a science and engineering teacher at Amesbury High School, the students have been making strides in the creation of their posters to present their research. Students will have the opportunity to present their research projects to their mentors, families, and peers on the final day of the program.

The Young Scholars participated in various presentations this week, as well as multiple team-building activities. Students were split up into teams and attempted to recreate images by coloring pixels in Excel. Later in the week, the Young Scholars were again broken up into groups and had to assign names and functions of rare engineering objects and tools. These team-building exercises help instill in the participants the importance of collaborative thinking, not only in STEM settings, but also in everyday life.

The participants were introduced to the importance of morals in the scientific field and did an ethics-based activity following the presentation. Students also created Mind-maps to outline their personal experience with remote learning in their science classes and suggested any improvements or changes they would implement for future remote STEM classes. To end the week off, the Office of Student Financial Services gave a presentation about the financial aid process at Northeastern University.

Mind Maps – “Remote Science Learning”


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