Fall Callback 2017

On November 10th, 25 sixth to eighth graders from local schools came to Northeastern University for Fall Callback. All of these students had previously participated in either NUSSP or GE Girls here at the Center for STEM Education at Northeastern. In the morning the students did name games and ice breakers to get to know each other better. Then the students were tasked with the Reverse Egg Drop activity where they design devices to catch eggs dropped from above. However each group was given a special challenge to undertake: either using no tape, incorporating at least six different materials, or only using two materials.


In the afternoon NUSAACS and AIChE volunteers hosted a variety of chemical experiment activities. Students switched between stations where they were able to make dry ice bubbles, push a skewer through a balloon without popping it, extract hydrogels from diapers and learn about the properties of hydrogels, learn about diffusion by placing skittle in soda and watching the food dyes leech into the liquid, and learning about basic chemical reactions by blowing bubbles in cabbage juice and watching it change color as it reacted with the carbon dioxide exhaled in their breath.

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