Happy Monday! New Resources for the Week

We hope you all had a lovely weekend (for those who celebrated it: Happy Easter!) and we are Looking forward to another week (hopefully everyone is staying safe in today’s weather though)!

As we did last week, here’s two more resource highlights that were sent to us over the weekend, both of which are excellent!

Reminder – if you have a moment, please try out the do now and/or activity from this week’s newsletter and please send us ([email protected]) pictures of either your science notebooks or your rocks!

Resource Highlights:

  1. NOAA National Ocean Service
    Explore NOAA (oceans, coastlines, and atmosphere) activities and resources for children: videos, group activities, origami, outdoor and tabletop challenges, and a bunch of other projects that are fun, entertaining, and educational. There are resources not only for students, but also for teachers.
  2. KidWind
    It is crazy windy today (just had a massive tree branch fall in my backyard)! Which reminds me of this website: the KidWind Project! This site is dedicated to teaching students about wind energy and hosts competition events, provides lesson plans, and offers educational and entertaining kits.

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