nuSTEM Newsletter 5 (4/17 – 4/24) – Environmental Engineering

Welcome to Week 5!
This week we will be doing a deeper dive into our second engineering disciple: Environmental Engineering (to line up with next week’s Earth Day)!

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In this newsletter you will be introduced to a STEM topic and find a related-activity to work on during the week (please share your results with us!). In addition, we will introduce a Northeastern faculty member working on related research and post some interesting links to related content.

Highlights from Last Week

Resource Highlight

  • Earth Day
    Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. On April 22, tune into Earth Day online, attend events digitally around the world and explore a variety of activities.
  • Encounter Edu – Earth Day Live
    Encounter Edu connects global issues aligned to curricula for teachers to develop knowledge, skills and experience in their students to become critical thinkers and engaged citizens. The platform integrates access to live learning, free teaching materials, a multi-media library and subject updates for professional development. For Earth day, Encounter Edu has partnered with The last Animals Foundation to provide two live panels with youth activist Bella Lack.

Web Resources for K-12 Students and Parents

In addition to the resource highlight above, which is tied directly to the Newsletter topic, we will also highlight two new web resources each week.

  1. Concord Consortium
    Concord Consortium is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to creating innovative educational technology for STEM learning. They have a large, free collection of online learning resources for teachers to use in their classroom.
  2. LabXchange
    LabXchange is a free online platform and learning community for science education, incorporating real-world labs and research experiences.

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