nuSTEM Newsletter 25 (11/30 – 12/07) – Architecture

Welcome to Newsletter 25!
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In our newsletter you will be introduced to a STEM topic and find a related-activity to work on during the week (please share your results with us!), as well as extensions to additional learning or games related to the field. In addition, you will find a Northeastern connection – something Northeastern is doing related to that field. This week’s topic: Architecture. For a list of prior blog posts, see the blog index.

Resource Highlight

  • Architecture Adventure: Crash Course Kids #47.2 Crash Course Kids - Complexly
    Crash Course Kids have an abundance of videos on YouTube that teach any subject in an easy and digestible manner for younger students. They have a great short episode on Architecture which addresses what an Architect does and how they use their knowledge to design and build homes and other buildings.
  • HomeByMe
    HomeByMe is a free software that allows you to design a virtual home ground up. Plan and design the entire layout of the home, all in a 3d perspective. It also includes furniture that you can add to personalize these homes. The software also allows for the users to render the rooms and take realistic photos of these homes to showcase.

Web Resources for K-12 Students and Parents

In addition to the resource highlight above, which is tied directly to the Newsletter topic, we will also highlight two new web resources each week.

  • RosieResearch
    Rosie Research is a Youtube series that showcases all kinds of science experiments. Each experiment also includes free templates and a list of materials. These experiments are a great way to stay engaged and make something interactive an fun, all while learning something new.
  • ABCya ABCya! • Learning Games and Apps for Kids
    ABCya is a great site full of educational games for K-12 students. These games are sorted by category and by grade. It is a great way to improve your skills in math, writing, typing and more.

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