King K-8 School – STEM Field Trip 11 (’18-’19)


Students watch a video from the “Intro to Engineering” Presentation

On January 18th, the Center for STEM Educations hosted 45 seventh grade students from the King K-8 School for the second STEM field trip of 2019! The students began their day with a trip to the earthquake lab to watch a demonstration of the earthquake simulation table and learn the principles behind how earthquake resistant buildings are designed.






After this, the Northeastern student volunteers led the students on tours of the campus in groups of five or six. The students marveled at the two-pivot pendulum in Dana, took countless pictures with the Shillman and Cat statue, gazed at the numerous murals on campus, and eagerly peaked into college classes in action. However, the highlight of the tour, as usual, was the echo circle in the science quad!

Students test out the echo circle in the science quad!

Student pose in front of Shillman and his cat











Upon returning to the Curry Student Center, the students broke off into groups and sat with the volunteers for a College 101 session! The students were eager to learn all about college academics and daily life, as well as high school. The students were in the midst of deciding which high schools they would attend and found this information especially helpful!

Students receive advice about high school and college from Northeastern volunteers












Following lunch, the student engaged in a hands-on activity: Reverse Egg-Drop. For this activity, students were tasked with designing and creating an apparatus that would be able to catch an egg dropped from the ceiling to prevent it from cracking. They were able to use cotton balls, straws, toothpicks, newspaper, pipe cleaners, and other various household objects, each assigned a “price”. The students with the most successful and cost efficient egg-catcher were declared winners of the challenge!

Students deigned devices to catch eggs and keep them from breaking


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