Mason – STEM Field Trip (10.25.19)

As part of Mass STEM Week, we had another STEM field trip today; 29 fourth grade students from the Mason Pilot School!

Today, students learned all about energy: different types of energy (electrical, kinetic, etc), different sources of energy (both renewable and not), and how electrical energy actually gets to our houses. Students built their own circuits using Snap Circuits kits and learned about light reflection, transmission, and absorption and how these ideas can be used to increase voltage generated by solar panels.

Students also designed and tested wind turbine blades of various shapes, sizes, and amounts. Results for power generated by the students’ wind turbines can be found below. The wind speed during these tests was 25mph, significantly higher than Boston’s 12mph average. Fun fact: Boston is the windiest city in the USA! (CR)

Thank you NU volunteers Nandika and Carlin for helping make this event possible!

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