Field Trip – Curley K-8 School (3-16-18)

On March 16th, 36 fourth graders from Curley K-8 School came to Northeastern University for a field trip on engineering. The students went to the earthquake lab where they learned how civil engineers design buildings to withstand earthquakes and simulate the effects of an earthquake on a structure. The students then made their own “buildings” out of K’NEX in and tested their designs. After completing the activity they each had the chance to experience what a mild earthquake would feel like.

In the afternoon the students completed a Reverse Egg Drop activity. The students had a range of materials available to them for purchase on their “budgets” in order to make a device to catch their egg without spilling any yoke. The students then participated in College 101 where they were able to ask our undergraduate volunteers questions about high school and college.

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