EFA Field Trip – Philbrick Elementary School (3-21-17)

On March 21st, 25 forth graders from Philbrick Elementary School came to Northeastern University for an EFA field trip on energy. Volunteer Phoebe led the presentation on Intro to Engineering. Students then did the Paper Circuits activity and the Wind Turbines activity. In the Wind Turbine activity the students designed and made their own turbine fins. These fins were tested by spinning an axle that lifts a mass. We had a new record for the fastest time to lift the weight of 2.28 seconds!

In the afternoon the students were able to ask a panel of Northeastern students, led by Nathalie, in the College 101. The students were amazed by the fact that college students were able to set their own schedules. The students then went on a tour of the Northeastern campus.

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