Field Trip – Longsjo Middle School

Today, on September 30th, 7th and 8th grade students from Longsjo Middle School in Fitchburg came to visit Northeastern for this year’s second field trip. Our work study Maddy Leger taught the students about electricity, energy, and circuits.

Students used snap circuits kits to learn about circuits in series and in parallel.

Students also used multimeters and solar panels to learn about the effects color has on light absorption.

During lunch, students participated in a STEM/College 101 panel where they asked our Northeastern university volunteers anything about college or science, technology, engineering, and math. Following this, Maddy talked about different engineering fields and career opportunities

After lunch, students designed and built their own paper circuits using copper tape, LEDs, and a 3v coin cell battery. Unfortunately, the LEDs did not work as expected (different voltage levels meant only one of the two LEDs would turn on), which was a good learning opportunity for both us and the students.

Finally, the students went on a campus tour, visiting sites such as the the campus center, the Cy Young statue, and the science quad.

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