Northeastern University’s Giving Day!

Northeastern’s Center for STEM Education Giving Day!
Northeastern University is hosting its annual Giving Day on April 11th! This is an amazing opportunity to support the Center for STEM Education. Every donation helps us grow the next generation of STEM thinkers by allowing us to provide fun and exciting STEM education to the nearby community. Every year the Center for STEM Education hosts a variety of programs for students to get involved. Learn more about these programs below! 

Students test out Northeastern University’s shake table.

STEM Field Trip Series
The Center for STEM Education offers 4th to 8th grade students an opportunity to come to Northeastern University’s campus for a STEM Field Trip. These field trips are free of cost for schools and allows students to not only explore Northeastern’s beautiful campus but engage in fun and exciting STEM activities. These activities aim to encourage and promote lifelong STEM interest and build the next generation of scientists and engineers.
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Students pose in front of Northeastern's mascot - the husky!

Students pose in front of Northeastern’s mascot – the husky!

Students show off their catapult design!

Volunteer works with students to test their portable levee design!

The Young Scholars Program
The Young Scholars Program is an opportunity for future scientists and engineers to gain hands-on research experience while in high school. All Massachusetts residents who have completed their junior year are allowed to participate. The YSP provides laboratory research experience with Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering professors that allow students to learn a variety of subjects. Students also participate in special seminar series, and the Introduction to Engineering series that allow them explore a wide variety of future careers. This program also provides a general overview to an undergraduate engineering curriculum, providing high school students with college experience as well.
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Assistant professor Matthew Eckelman shares his yearbook with Young Scholars Program Students.

Northeastern University researchers received a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish an innovative scholarship and mentoring program in 2016. Student Pathways Opening World Energy Resources (S-POWER) is an undergraduate and graduate scholarship opportunity for underrepresented minority transfer students interested in completing an engineering degree at Northeastern University with aspirations of working in the energy sector. Northeastern partners directly with two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Clark Atlanta University and Hampton University—as well as Mass Bay, Middlesex, and Northern Essex community colleges in Massachusetts. Students are connected with a variety of university resources, including the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute, the Latino/a Student Cultural Center, the Center for STEM Education, and the Northeastern University Center for Energy Education and Research. Through S-POWER students participate in professional development training, mentorship programs, workshops such as the Guaranteed 4.0 seminar, pre-entry summer bridge programs as well research opportunities in energy-related fields. By being a part of S-Power students flourish due to the mentoring they receive, the increased academic opportunities and support, financial assistance as well as a creative perspective on energy related fields.
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S-Power students at an Energy Conference.

Blog/ Newsletter
Besides all of the direct interactions with students, the Center for STEM Education also provides STEM related resources and content on their blog. These include weekly newsletters that highlight a new STEM topic every week. These newsletter include a general overview of the topic, Northeastern faculty and student connections, and a fun activity to do. The blog also includes highlights of ongoing programs, which includes images of the activities and a summary of how the overall program went. The Center for STEM works to provide STEM education.
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STEM Afterschool Program students recap what they learned.

And More!
The Center for STEM Education provides countless opportunities for students to learn and expand their love of STEM! They also provide additional support to a multitude of clubs including, NUSound, Innovators for Global Health, Aerospace NU, NU Chi Epsilon, STEMout, IEEE, AIChE, and Generate. Learn more about what else the Center for STEM Education on our website

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Playing with electronics at Engineering for Everyone Expo.

Northeastern’s Silicon Synapse Lab teach the students all about how airplanes work.

Increasing the weight, students check to see how much the “bones” can withstand before they break!

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