Phineas Bates Elementary School – STEM Field Trip (03.31.2023)

Last Friday on March 31, Phineas Bates Elementary joined the Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University to tackle engineering!

We began our day by learning all about engineering. This lead into our first activity for the day – Reverse Egg Drop. Working in teams, the goal of this activity was to build a device that an egg can safely land into. This connects to bio-engineering, where the egg represents a persons’ head, an essential part of the body to protect. The students watched as the eggs either land safely onto their device or smash straight into the ground.

Volunteer teaches students all about engineering!

Students work to build their egg catching device!

Two heads are better than one

Splash Zone! Will the device catch the egg safely?

After egg-citing tests of their egg catching devices, we headed onto our next activity – Catapults. Students learned about all of the different types of catapults and what makes a catapult precise and accurate. Using this new found knowledge, they put their minds to work, designing their very own catapults. Their goal was to hit our targets, where the more accurate they were the more points they gained. Every team created unique designs and put them to the test. The most accurate design ended up gaining 10 pts!

Teacher and students work together to build the best catapult design.

Watch out! Students launch skittles with their unique catapults.

Students work together to make sure their catapults are precise and accurate.

Thank you to Phineas Bates Elementary School for visiting Northeastern University. We were super excited to have you here and hope you learned a ton about engineering!

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