nuSTEM Newsletter 19 (9/18 – 9/25) – Funletter (Industrial Engineering)

Welcome to Newsletter 19 (Funletter 3)!
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This week’s edition is about industrial engineering, but rather than a standard newsletter (see newsletter 8), this one’s more fun oriented – word puzzles/games. Many of the resources from the prior newsletter are still valid – so also check out the previous newsletter on industrial engineering.

Sorry for the delay in newsletters – we’ve been focusing on our upcoming virtual outreach. Can’t say too much about it (till they’re finalized), but there’ll effectively be three programs: virtual field trips, Pathways to Science and Engineering (new high school program), and Alumni Afterschool Program (new middle school program).

Please note that we’ve opened newsletter writing to a wider range of authors (all NU students), so the writing styles will vary in the future. I’ve added a list of authors to the blog index page for newsletters. If you are a Northeastern student (any major) and wish to help write these newsletters, please contact Nick Fuchs @ [email protected].

Web Resources for K-12 Students and Parents

In addition to the resource highlight above, which is tied directly to the Newsletter topic, we will also highlight two new web resources each week; in this case, neither are related only minimally to industrial engineering.

  • NGSS Phenomena
    NGSS Phenomena are pictures/animated gifs of phenomena for teachers to share with their students as conversation starters – looking at the weird and wonderful world of science. In addition, check out this massive list of compiled phenomena, separated by grade level and unit.
  • BWSC – Outreach
    Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s list of educational resources, including information about the various water and sewer systems in the city, as well as materials for teachers and students.

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