Pathways to Science and Engineering Weeks 1-3

Three weeks ago marked the official launch of our new program here at the Center for STEM Education called Pathways to Science and Engineering. This after school program is geared towards high school students interested in pursuing STEM in their academic careers and onwards. Students participate in live discussions via Zoom with faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students at Northeastern University about the current research they have been conducting across various disciplines. Students participating in these presentations have the opportunity to ask the presenters questions directly about their work. Students are also provided with additional engineering and science resources, such as an introduction to a computer programming language, Python.

To kickoff the program on October 6th, two undergraduate students in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jade Law and John Famiglietti, gave presentations about the research they are conducting in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. They emphasized the numerous opportunities to get involved with research on Northeastern’s campus especially as an undergraduate student. Last week on October 13th, graduate student, McKay Cavanaugh from the College of Engineering, explained how she uses bioengineering in finding a treatment for glaucoma. This week on October 20th, Professor Sandra Shefelbine from the College of Engineering, discussed the role of mechanical loading in skeletal health.

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