REU POWER 2021 Week 1

On June 1st, we welcomed 12 students virtually from 10 institutions participating in the REU POWER program. For the summer students will be working with remarkable faculty and graduate student mentors from across the university including: Ali AburMichael KaneBrad Lehman, Sanjeev Mukerjee , Aatmesh Shrivastava, and Taskin Padir.

We are so appreciative and grateful for the faculty and graduate student mentors that will be working with our students for the duration of the program.

Students had the opportunity to participate in a week long NRG Bootcamp to introduce them to topics related to energy and power, as well as review subjects relevant to their research assignment. During the NRG bootcamp the REU POWER students learned a plethora of energy related topics including but not limited to; comparing sustainable and renewable energy, solar energy and the softwares associated, electricity and the grid, along with task focusing on carbon calculations and virtual data used to complete a Solar PV experiment.

The first week concluded with a science trivia and various team building activities to strengthen community within the program.

This year’s program is co-coordinated by Tyree Thompson, an undergraduate at Northeastern University studying Bioengineering with additional support from the Center for STEM Education staff and work studies. The program begun on Tuesday July 5th and will conclude on Wednesday July 28th with a final research presentation from participants.

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