Fall Callback 2016

On October 22nd we had our fall callback for middle-school aged NUSSP alumni [high school alumni took part in NEPTUN’s Splash event]. Students from the past 3 years came back for a day to see each other again, meet other alumni, and learn about disaster preparation. Colin, one of our work studies, has been working on a set of disaster preparation activities for future field trips, so we tried out two new activities.

First, we had a life vest building activity in which students built a flotation device for a can of beans. Unfortunately, the containers we were using were not deep enough, something we need to consider for the future.

Afterwards, we had an activity wherein students designed and built a levee – a flood control barrier. Similar to the flotation device activity, students had a choice of materials but a limited budget, meaning they really needed to figure out what materials would work best. In the end, all the levees failed, but at different rates. In the future, we should make sure to not use containers with grooves in the bottom.

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