STEM Field Trip Applications – Open for AY 2022-2023

Dear Teachers, Principals, Science Coordinators, etc.,
Northeastern University’s Center for STEM Education will be continuing it’s STEM Field Trip series in the 2022-2023 academic school year. We will be offering three types of field trips: On-Campus (coming to Northeastern), Reverse (we come to your school), and Virtually. The survey has questions related to all three types of field trips and you’ll fill in only the pages for the type of field trip you’re interested in. COVID restrictions are lifted on campus – we welcome all students/teaches back to campus!

Please note that we have limited buses available for schools (3 out of 7 field trips each semester), priority will be given to BPS schools that cannot otherwise come to campus. Lunch is not provided, but time/space will be provided for students to eat.

If you are potentially interested in such a field trip, please complete the following application. We will reach out to teachers starting in mid/late September to invite them to field trips. Admission is on a rolling basis, but will close November 1st.

Field Trip Application:

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