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Here at Northeastern University’s Center for STEM Education, we are extremely excited for the start of the school year. We have a lot planned for this upcoming semester, perfect for students, teachers, and volunteers.

Field Trips, Afterschool Programs, and other Opportunities:
Interested in getting involved? Check out the links below for upcoming opportunities!

Field Trips: Open to public: for Teachers, grades 4-8
Learn more about our Field Trips Here: https://stem.northeastern.edu/programs/ayp/fieldtrips/
Link for Teachers to Sign-Up: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/STEMFT-2122

Pathways to STEM: Open to public: for Students, grades 9-12
Learn more about Pathways to STEM here: https://stem.northeastern.edu/programs/ayp/pathways/
Link for Students to Sign-Up: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2021-F-PSE-SR

STEM Harvest Fair: Open to public: for students/parents, grades K-12
Learn more about the STEM Harvest Fair and Sign-Up here: https://stem.northeastern.edu/programs/ayp/harvest/

Volunteering: For NEU students only
Link for Volunteers to Sign-Up: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F21-SVS

We will also be continuing our Newsletter! Learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with our Newsletter. Can’t wait for the next one? Check out some of our older ones below!

Previous Newsletters: 
STEAM Newsletter: https://stem.northeastern.edu/newsletter32/
COVID Vaccine Newsletter: https://stem.northeastern.edu/newsletter33/
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Mechanical Engineering: https://stem.northeastern.edu/newsletter26/

To see our entire list of Newsletters, check out the blog index here: https://stem.northeastern.edu/bindex/

Additional Resources:
Want to learn more? Check out these additional resources we’ve collected for you!

EiE Careers for Engineers: https://eie.org/imagine-your-future
NASA Kids’ Club: https://www.nasa.gov/kidsclub/index.html
PBS Learning Media: https://mass.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/zoom/

We’re looking forward to a fun, educational, and STEM filled school year!

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